ilustraciones Last century’s Illustrations
The distinction is not due to a change in working mode, but only to the fact that in the year 2000 I made a first Devops inventory of published works. This archiving responds to a technology of the time, as well as a way of working at the beginning of my career. In spite of the new formats, that would optimize the visualization of the content, maintaining the appearance of all this material responds to a deliberate, not nostalgic, interest in conservation. In this way, is useful for the comparative contrast between the two forms. Although there is no difference between the illustrations greater than that of the natural and gradual evolution of technical improvement inherent in any professional.
cuentos This century’s Illustrations
The technical development, and that of the conceptual and projective capacities of an illustrator, gain notably with experience. In a better way if it is linked to a constant interest in current market trends. An eminently artisan trade such as this, in times when this type of work seems to be extinguished, requires constant and methodical exercise. The necessary training becomes so specialised that it ends up finding enrichment, especially in the transdisciplinary. A "minor art" or "applied art" like this one, we notice that it gathers more and more working methods of all kinds of technologies, or lack of them, as well as of all kinds of knowledge.