temp1 First season
The 63 panels in which, Aby Warburg's posthumous Project was configured, are proof of the use that he made of this presentation systems reserved, at that momento, for the artistic terrain (collages and montages). This first part includes drawings on the images of the first panels.
tem2 Second season
Includes drawings based on the images of the central panels. Between 30 and 50 approx. And they also account for the great ability to anticipate the exercise of curatorial practice of exhibitions to which we are accustomed today.
temp3 Third season
The exercise of making the drawings results in a way of embodying the contents of the images, which is optimal for understanding this legacy of Warburg, prior to the Second Great War, for understanding the future of West’s cultural history.
paneles Archive
Archive per plate. Here is a unique work of compilation of the images that make up each plate, some of them has been used to produce drawings. To approach this Atlas is to discover the deep universe of Warburg’s erudition.